Quartz (Silica) sand/grains

Quartz is commonly known as silica sand for producing float glass, fiber glass, automotive glass, clear container glass, Borosil glass and other types. We produce quartz powder for high purity glass having extremely low levels of contaminating metal oxides, and other foreign particles with the help of heavy magnetic separators used in mesh 25 to 32 or in mm size 0.1mm-0.3mm, 0.3mm - 1.2mm, 0.5mm-0.1mm, 1.2mm - 0.3mm.

Fused Quartz (Silica glass), vitreous silica glass: silica (SiO2) is used for very special applications and has very low thermal expansion, is very hard and resists high temperatures (1000-1500'C). It is also the most resistant against weathering (alkali ions leaching out of the glass, while staining it). It is used for high temperature applications such as furnace tubes, melting crucibles, Flat glass, Automotive Glass & Hollow Glass (e.g. Thermal expansion, hardness, specific gravity).


In glass-making, it provides aluminium that enhances the strength and transparency of hollow glass, flat glass, decorative glass and insulating glass. In the glass industry also, Potassium feldspar is used in varying proportions. It may contain 10 to 15% of the batch. The alkali content in feldspar acts as flux, provides resistance in glass to impact bandings, lowering the glass batch melting temperature and helps control the viscosity in the melting tank thus reducing production costs

Feldspar plays a vital role in glass making industries as it is used to ensure durability of the glass with extended hardness and chemical corrosion resistance.

In the manufacturing of high-class and colourless glass, feldspar should have a maximum of 0.1% Fe2O3though upto 0.3% is permissible.

Calcite (Calcium Carbonate)

It is used in glassware industry as a flux

China Clay (Kaolin)

The China Clay can be effectively used in manufacturing of fiber glass because of its high alumina content.


In the float glass industry, dolomite is a source of magnesium that improves the general resistance of glass to natural or chemical attack.